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ABZ Relief provides Humanitarian aid and Development solution for various International Organizations. We are registered with United Nations Global Marketplace as supplier of relief items. We maintain strict delivery schedules and quality standards as per ISO 9001.

We are part of ABZ Group, which includes ABZ Relief, ABZ Packing, ABZ Healthcare and many more companies working in the field of Export since 1990

ABZ Relief is a reliable company in Humanitarian Aid & Relief.

Our recent endeavor into the field in relief supply is motivated by the idea of giving back and helping all those in need. Through our procurement network and experience in export we can avail products in the fastest and most efficient way.

We are providing complete Emergency Relief solutions. Our product profile includes Hygiene Kits, Kitchen Sets, Woolen Blankets, Fleece Blankets, Tents, Plastic Tarpaulins, Plastic Sleeping Mats, Plastic Ropes, Mosquito Nets, Sleeping bags, Educational Items, Solar products, Buckets, Prefabricated units, Handpumps, Collapsible Jerry cans and more.

Stocks Available in India enable us to respond quickly in emergencies.

The Best Features

We have compiled latest and essential features for fast delivery of good’s and proper management system.


ABZ Relief provides HUMANITARIAN AID AND DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION for various International Organizations